21 Day Challenge : Stage 2


Welcome to the 21 Day Challenge: Stage 2

Join me LIVE as we work through a series of progressive workouts to challenge your whole body.

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Welcome to the 21 Day Challenge: Stage 2

Stage 2 starts on 8th June and we are going LIVE!

Inspired by my live sessions I have decided to put together a series of 21 Day Challenges. I will guide you through each workout offering teaching points, tips and advice as well as regressions and progressions where appropriate.

All of the workouts will be streamed live through the website so we can all workout together! The workout schedule with be posted in advanced and times will vary to give everyone the opportunity to make as many of the live sessions as possible.

Each session will be available on demand if you are unable to make the live session.

The 21 Day Challenge has been designed to increase fitness at home, through 30 – 45 minute bodyweight workouts that will lift your heart rate and your mood, increase cardiovascular fitness and strength and boost your energy levels. Although weight loss is not the primary aim of the programme a number of my team have found these workouts to be incredibly effective when weight loss has been one of their goals.



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