Online Personal Training 

We offer a variety of online personal training services includes bespoke Zoom sessions, app based training sessions, pre recorded workouts and PDF style training plans as well as our online website memberships.

Online Programmes

The 12 Week Programme was our first and most successful online training programme. Browse our full range of video based training programmes.

Fitness Retreats

Well known for being a cyclists paradise, we have chosen Mallorca as our fitness destination as it has something for everyone. Picture perfect coastlines, stunning vineyards and peaceful olive groves offer tranquillity and moments of relaxation. By contrast, the regular village fiestas and mouthwatering local cuisines provide excitement and entertainment that will leave you wanting more.

Sport Specific Coaching

We have a variety of training plans available designed to suit a range of athletic experience and abilities. However, if you’re looking for more specific training then get in touch with Claire to discuss our bespoke coaching programmes.


Support with training for marathons, half-marathons, 10k’s and much more!


Support with training for elite cyclists to those just getting started!


Support with training for duathlons of all distances and event levels!


Support with training for triathlons of all distances and event levels!


Latest News and Articles

Rubber Thongs and Sports Bras – A Funeral for Underwear

It seems that as my training scheduled has gradually increased over the past 18 months, my lifestyle and also my wardrobe has had to adapt to accommodate it, and I’m not just talking about padded shorts and cycling jerseys. As I was getting ready the other morning, something occurred to me, where did all of […]

Race Day Chat!!! What is said and what it really means……

This is one for all of my racing friends, some of my favourite race day lines. Most of them I’ve overheard, some of them I’ve said! All of them meant to entertain and not to offend! Feel free to add your own favourites in the comments below! 1. “Im just going to see how it […]

The clever girls guide to riding a bike! What you should know before you push the pedals

It is safe to say that I bought a bike on a whim. I was out running with a friend one day and after discussing triathlons and the fact that I am terrible swimmer I made the impulsive decision to buy a bike. A £1000 overnight decision, literally OVERNIGHT! I didn’t know it at the […]

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