Advanced Fitness : Fitness Advent Calendar 2017

Get festive fit with my daily Fitness Advent Calendar.

A new exercise will be added everyday in the run up to Christmas which you will add onto your workout, so by the 25th December you will have 25 exercises to do.

For example.

1/12/17 – Day 1 exercise

2/12/17 – Day 1 & day 2 exercises

3/12/17 – Day 1, day 2 & day 3 exercises…….

and so on until 25/12/17.

Remember to check back daily for your new exercise!

Day Exercise Reps Video
Burpee with Plank Jacks x 5
2Reverse Lunge into High Knee x 10
3Press Ups with Shoulder Taps
x 10
4Squat & Alternate Lunge x 10
5Mountain Climbers x 10 into Squat Jump x 1 x 5
6Side Steps into Squat x 10
7Side Plank Oblique Crunch into Leg Raise x 5
8Shuttle Runs 60 seconds
9Sumo Squat Jumps into Chest to Floor Burpeex 5
10Supine Alternate Leg Extensionsx 10
11Oblique Mountain Climbers into Press Ups x 5
12Split Jumps x 10
13V-Sit Twist with Single Leg Extensionsx 10
14Tricep Dips x 10
15Straight Arm Sit Up into Reverse Crunch x 5
16Burpee Split Jumps x 5