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Turkish Get Up Tutorial

The Turkish Get Up is one of the most comprehensive exercises that you can add to your workout. It challenges and develops your strength, balance, coordination, mobility and proprioception.   Start with bodyweight and then when you are comfortable progress to using some weight. If you don't have any dumbbells or kettlebells then a bottle [...]


FULL-BODY BODY-WEIGHT HIIT Enjoy my full-body body-weight HIIT session from 6th April all over again! This is a tough workout that includes an AMRAP, TABATAS and a nasty little COUNTDOWN at the end! Enjoy!

Extreme Fitness : Kettlebells (Expert #1)

ExerciseReps Double Kettlebell Swing X 10 Man Makers X 10 Snatch X 5 Double Clean X 5 Single Leg Romanian Deadlift X 5 V-Sit Row & Press X 10 Swing Clean X 5 Burpee & Upright Row X 10 V-Sit Extend X 10 Double Press X 5 Bent Over Row X 10 Rack Lunge & [...]

Extreme Fitness : Kettlebells (Intermediate #1)

ExerciseReps Sumo Squats X 10 V-Sit Row X 20 Clean & PressX 5 Supine Tick X 10 Alternate Swing X 20 Plank Row X 5 Straight Arm Sit Up X 10 Squat Pull Up Catch & Press X 10 Crunch & Press X 10 Double Rack Squat X 10 Lunge & Twist X 10