12 Week Cardio Strength Training Programme

Our bodies are incredible machines and we can do so much with them.

I have developed the 12 week training programme to give people the opportunity to train at home, without equipment and without a big time commitment.

All of the sessions are under an hour long and are either, low, medium or high intensity sessions with a mixture of cardio & bodyweight strength exercises.

The programme has been designed to increase cardio vascular fitness, muscle tone & strength.

Each session has a downloadable PDF as well as easy to follow videos of me completing each workout with you.

Buy the 12 Week Cardio Strength Training Programme today for just £9.99 and start building your strength now!

Three steps to sign up today

Step One

Select you membership option from the options below. If you are unsure of the right one for you, please contact a member of the team.

Step Two

When you have signed up to the membership option of your choice, you will be able to access the full range of training routines.

Step Three

You can also find delicious recipes that you can add to your routine that will improve your energy levels and help your performance.