Our bodies are incredible machines and we can do so much with them.

I have developed the 12 week training programme to give people the opportunity to train at home, without equipment and without a big time commitment.

All of the sessions are under an hour long and are either, low, medium or high intensity sessions with a mixture of cardio & bodyweight strength exercises.

The programme has been designed to increase cardio vascular fitness, muscle tone & strength.

Each session has a downloadable PDF as well as easy to follow videos of me completing each workout with you.

Buy the 12 Week Cardio Strength Training Programme today for just £9.99 and start building your strength now! 

The circuit session on week 2 was absolutely savage but I’m absolutely loving the videos!! They’re so helpful and help motivate you too!

Alana P

It’s great because I can just get up an hour earlier and do the workout downstairs before the kids get up! The changes in my body are really noticeable too plus running seems so much easier!

Hannah F

I actually look forward to getting back home after work to do the workouts! It’s the best programme I’ve ever seen / done!!

Lizzie R